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Finding a Fellow Avatar Fan

So it was the summer after my sophomore year of college that I finished “Avatar: the Legend of Korra,” the second show in the Avatar Saga, when I first got involved in its online community.

I soon discovered a YouTuber named Antoine Bandele doing what he calls a “Geek Rant” about my new favorite franchise.  And as it turns out, he does all sorts of videos like “Let’s Play” and “Which Hogwarts House?”  Not really sure what those entail? Well, if you keep venturing forth, you shall find out.

Some Stuff He Does on His Channel

So I mentioned a couple of the categories Antoine has for his videos; in “Let’s Play,” he streams the gameplay of his favorite games, many of them from his favorite franchises like “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars.”

In “Which Hogwarts House?,” he plays the role of the Sorting Hat, but not just with “Harry Potter” characters; in fact, mostly not with them. Instead, he’ll often take characters from other franchises and weigh the traits of their personalities to see where they belong.  One of my favorites is one where he sorted Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) from “Game of Thrones” with a fellow YouTuber, GreyJedi91.

Antoine’s Versus Series

Out of all of these, though, I’d say that his “VS” series stands as my favorite.

Here, the best warriors who’d never meet are pitted in epic battle like:

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Maul

or who’d never fight like: “Ron Weasley vs Harry Potter

not to mention the cross-franchise ones like “Darth Vader vs Voldemort.”

And he doesn’t just throw them in battle against each other. Oh no. He weighs the factors that could turn the tide of war.

For example, in the Avatar versus videos, he factors in their tactical, physical, and bending prowess, [“Bending” being the ability to wield one of the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth] then, at the end, he narrates a fictional duel, and even though he mostly uses stills and short clips, it still feels like you’re in the battle.  Also, he has one hell of a soundtrack.

And that’s where I came to know his channel, through our mutual love and respect for “Avatar.”  And as great as this saga is, it doesn’t possess the large fanbase it deserves. Yet this size is the very thing which made discovering his channel feel special.


So if you’re a fellow fan of Avatar, and or Star Wars/Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/anime, give Antoine Bandele’s channel a look.  You’ll be entertained and certainly learn an incite or two about your favorite franchises.  Also, don’t forget to tell him that I said to drop by.

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Until next time, never stop wordbending, my fellow story-tellers.

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